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What is the latest firmware upgrade for the BR-HD50U?

The latest BR-HD50U firmware is v1-08. This upgrade encompasses all firmware improvements of the v1-06 upgrade as well as the new v1-08 improvements. Specific improvements provided by v1-08 include:

Compatibility with Non-HDCP compliant HDMI devices, automatically switching HDCP off when connected via HDMI to a Non-HDCP compliant device. This allows interoperability with Non-HDCP compliant HDMI devices such as: Convergent Design's M1 and also Black Magic's Intensity Card (firmware upgrade may be required). Additionally you can now connect your BR-HD50U to Displays such as computer monitors.

The previous v1-06 upgrade (included in the v1-08 upgrade) included:

* Compatibility with Final Cut Pro and other non-linear video editing equipment.
* Time Code duplicate feature in HDV mode.
* Batch capturing.
* Time Code reading at edit points.

Click here to download the v1-08 firmware.

Last update: 2008-11-24 07:42
Author: Dave Walton
Revision: 1.1

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