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Is it possible to dub DVD's to an external IEEE-1394 device such as a non-linear editing system with the SR-DVM700?

Yes, you can digitally transfer content from a DVD, or from the Hard Disk Drive, to a device connected through the IEEE-1394 (iLink) connector on both the SR-DVM600US, and SR-DVM700US.  There may be several steps involved depending on the capture software of your external device.  Ideally, it would be nice to dub directly from the DVD in one step, but most communications software doesn't recognize the DVD player. 

However, both decks support direct dubbing from a DVD (or from the HDD) to a MiniDV tape.  Since most non linear editing systems, camcorders and decks will recognize and control the combo unit's MiniDV drive, you can make a temporary copy of the DVD onto a MiniDV tape, and then dub the tape to your external device via IEEE-1394.  

This method will not work if the DVD is copy protected (as with a commercial movie.)

Last update: 2009-02-02 12:45
Author: Edgar Shane
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Comment of Jawad Malik (2008-03-26 06:25:20):
The FAQ suggests dubbing the DVD to DV tape, then capturing the tape. Unfortunately, the tape mechanism on my SR-DVM70 was malfunctioning, so the tape dubs would have audio and video dropouts. However, I found that if I hooked up the firewire cable before dubbing to tape, I could do a clean capture in Adobe Premiere CS3 by setting device type to generic. I used the "manual record button" in the capture screen to capture while dubbing from a program recorded on the DVM70's hard drive to a DV tape. This saves the step of having to dub, then capture from tape to NLE; it also bypasses the faulty tape mechanism in my unit.