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Is there a very specific setting, or some limitation with using an SR-DVM600 with Final Cut Pro? I cannot get FCP to recognize the deck. The deck is in DV mode and the output is set to DV. Thanks!

Here is a basic troubleshooting and countermeasure for issues connecting and using SR-DVM70US, SR-DVM700US, SR-DM600US) with an NLE.

  1. Reset the unit by holding stop and operate for 3 secs. This procedure will reset all microprocessors and the “IEEE 1394” id, doing so will often restore PC/Combo unit communications problems.
  2. In certain situations the SR-DVM70/600/700US combo units will cause a PC to simultaneously load 2 drivers for the device which will cause an NLE to not be able to establish proper AV/C control/communications with the combo.

This condition occurs when the input selected for the HDD/DVD is set to DV while the DV deck is selected. To rectify this condition make certain that the input selection for the HDD/DVD is something other then DV (use F1 or L1) while using the DV for capture/export with an NLE.

Last update: 2008-11-24 07:50
Author: Dave Walton
Revision: 1.1

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