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We use the SR-MV45US decks all the time on our installs. I noticed that there is a 3.5mm "Remote" jack on the back, but it is not clear in the manual if this is simply an IR remote, or if this is RS-232, or some other standard. If it is IR, this would be convenient so that we would not have to place an IR emitter on the front of the unit. If it is RS232... Even better.

The 3.5mm remote jack provides serial control to the SR-MV45US deck using the same protocol and codes as the IR remote.  Please contact JVC service and engineering at (800) 582-5825 for more information about this connector.   For RS-232 control, the upgraded SR-MV55US deck has this capability.  

Last update: 2010-05-12 11:11
Author: Dave Walton
Revision: 1.0

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