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When I export HDV set at 1080i using iLink from my Sony HDR-HC1 the SR-HD1250US only show it can import XP or lower format. The DR/AF/AN/Al/AE are blanked out. How can I confirm it actually copied the video in HD quality to the recorder?

Following the instructions for “Importing Data from an i.LINK-compatible Device to the HDD”, a Memo states ‘HDV contents will be imported in DR mode’.  This follows the selection of “XP”, “SP”, “LP”, or “EP” from the “RECORDING MODE” option. See page 37-38. The screen allows for the conversion of a DV source, but once recording is initiated, the HDV codec of the source will be detected and recorded accordingly.

You can verify the recording in the Playback Navigation screen, by highlighting the Thumbnail, selecting the Options menu and Others –Details.  See pages 48-50.

Last update: 2012-04-23 11:42
Author: Rob Yarosh
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