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Why the does the SR-HD1250US not support Component Inputs, or HDMI Inputs?

JVC professional Blu-ray recorders are designed to accept files from the vast majority of prosumer level camcorders (DV, HDV, AVCHD.)  Additionally the SR-HD1500 can accept Final Cut Pro files created with JVC's GY-HM series, as well as a digital HD stream via the IEEE-1394 input.

HDSDI is the most common interface in the professional world, and is found on most cameras, switchers, etc.  While no provision is made for HDSDI input on the SR-HD1250 and SR-HD1500, many customers are using the Edirol or similar interface to convert HDSDI to Firewire (IEEE-1394), which the units will accept.   

At NAB 2011, JVC previewed a Blu-ray recorder that has a built-in HDSDI input and output, eliminating the need for an external box.   This unit should be available in late 2011.  

JVC will not employ any input such as component, or HDMI (without copy protection) that may encourage illegal dubbing.  

Last update: 2011-07-29 05:12
Author: Dave Walton
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