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I have a SR-HD1500US. I am sending it an HDV signal via the ieee1394 input. I am using a Sony HDCA-702 to convert 1080i Serial Digital HD to HDV. I am able to record it to the hard drive just fine. When I try to burn it to a BluRay Disk it tells me that some media is not compatable. What should I do to make this work?

The SR-HD1250/1500US decks can record Blu-ray discs in either the BDAV mode (menu screen showing a list of files) and the BDMV mode (conventional 'authored' menus.)

Only BDAV discs can be made from HDV footage immediately after ingest. If you attempt to create a BDMV disc, the unit will display the message, "Some titles cannot be dubbed."

In order to produce BDMV, your footage needs to be converted to the AF mode. Select clip — push "Option" — "Mode Change" — "AF"

After all clips are converted to AF mode BDMV should be authored without any problem. For further explanation, please see the following diagram:
[Click here for diagram.]

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