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What's the difference between the SR-HD1250US and the SR-HD1500US?

There are several important differences between the SR-HD1250US and the SR-HD1500US Blu-ray recorders.

  1. Internal HDD size.  All material to be recorded onto Blu-ray discs must first be placed on the internal hard disk drive.  More storage gives you more flexibility and allows you to keep several projects at once before burning to Blu-ray.  The SR-HD1250US has a 250GB hard drive while the SR-HD1500US has a 500GB hard drive.
  2. .MOV files.   The SR-HD1500US is capable of accepting files created by JVC's ProHD solid state camcorders (GY-HM100U, GY-HM700U).  These files must be recorded in the 19mbps or 25mbps modes. 
  3. RS-232C.   The SR-HD1500US has a serial port (rear panel) that allows an external device or computer to control various functions of the deck.
  4. Custom Menus.   When authoring discs in the BDMV mode, the SR-HD1500US will let you substitute the default menu backgrounds (on the recorded Blu-ray discs) with menu backgrounds or photos of your choosing. 

Below is a chart summarizing the differences between the two decks.

.mov on SDHC



Custom Menu











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