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What is the difference between the GY-HM250U and GY-HM250HW? Don't they both do graphics overlays?

The GY-HM250 is a versatile camcorder with some unique capabilities, especially regarding graphic overlays.   Both the GY-HM250U and GY-HM250HW will insert lower third, full screen graphics and watermarks over the video.  On the GY-HM250U you can install custom logos and icons with the SDP generator app found on the JVC website.    The HW (house of worship) model has all of the features of the GY-HM250U but also comes with 8 pre-installed religious icons.  Please note that you can use the SDP generator from JVC with the HW model and install your own graphics, but it will erase the pre-installed religious icons. 

Last update: 2019-06-14 06:25
Author: Dave Walton
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