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I would like to buy either a JVC GY-HD 200UB or a JVC GY-HD201E I am in Europe where these cameras appear to be about the same. Could you please explain the difference?

In USA there is a single model GY-HD200UB. This unit has both firewire output and input, and works in all flavors of 720P HD (ie 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p) but in standard definition mode, only in 60Hz (NTSC) In Europe there is a much heavier import duty rate (14%) on recording equipment with a video input than those without. Because of this, two models are offered, the GY-HD200E which has firewire output, but no input capability, and the GY-HD201E which has both in and out. Both of the “E” models also work in all of the abovementioned flavors of 720P HD, but only in PAL for standard definition.

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Author: Ian Scott
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