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I have a HD250U and the KA-HD250U Studio adaptor. How do I get the "----" for the VTR status to not be displayed. It is being displayed on the view screen and the final output. I can get the"---" to change to REC/STBY/STOP/ etc but it will not all go away.

There is also a menu option in the camera that allows the user to turn off the analog character output. This is located on the first page of the OTHERS menu. You will need to hold down the menu button on the camera for about three seconds so that the menu will appear. Scroll down to the OTHERS option using the shutter wheel. Then push the shutter wheel in and another menu page will appear. There are two options Analog character Output and SDi Character Output. Select the option that needs to be turned off and the on screen characters will disappear.

Last update: 2008-05-02 14:40
Author: Alan Ruppert
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