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May I record 720p on tape and 1080i on the HDD at the same time? I need the tape back up, but I want the higher resolution HD.

Only the GY-HD200UB offers the ability to record 1080i directly to hard disk via the IEEE-1394 connector.   When the camera's encoder is operating in the 1080i mode, recording to tape is not possible.  There is only one encoder in the camera, so if tape recording is required, then it must be 720p or standard definition.

The GY-HD250U/200U do not have have the ability to 1080i to tape or to provide 1080i output through Firewire.  When recording 720p, you can record onto both tape and HDD simultaneously.  Again, there's only one encoder. 

The GY-HD250 is capable of providing an uncompressed 1080i output through the SDI/HDSDI connector while recording 720p to tape.  (All models can also output component analog 1080i in the same fashion.)   These 4:2:2 signals can be recorded to an external drive with a built-in encoder such as the AJA Ki Pro. 

So technically, the answer to your question is YES, you can record 720P to tape, and 1080i to HDD at the same time, but only when using an external drive such as the Ki Pro.  You cannot do this when using the DRHD100 or MRHD100 Firewire drives. 

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Author: Dave Walton
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