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Is the 4K D-ILA capable of 3D on its own, or does it need a second projector? Is it 120Hz and does it have a 3D circuit to drive auxiliary devices such as glasses?

Two projectors are required to create 3D images when creating a 3D display system with either the DLA-SH4KNLG or DLA-SH7KNLG. When utilizing the 2 projector system passive glasses are used so there is no need for driver circuitry.

The advantage of this dual projection 3D solution is higher light output efficiency and the ability to produce 3D images where each eye would receive the full 4096x2400 resolution in other words, each eye receives 10 megapixel image information. 

Last update: 2011-01-07 06:54
Author: Gary Klasmeier
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