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I am confused about the range of the lens shift on the RS500. The manual gives the maximum as 80% of the projected image height. Does this mean that if I start with the optical axis of the projector in the center of the screen, I could move the projector upwards by 80% of the screen height. Example. I have a screen 110cm high, mounted with the base 40cm from the floor. So the center is at 95cm and I could mount the projector with the lens axis at (80%*110) + 95 = 183 cm from the floor.

I am going to respond in inches.

If you have a screen that is 50 inches tall, then 80% of that (our max. shift range) is 40 inches. Add 40 inches to the mid-point/center (which is 25 inches) and you get 65 inches total. Or, 15 inches about the top edge of the viewing area on the screen.

That’s how high the projector can be.

This assumes that no left/right (horizontal) shift is used and that the projector is perfectly centered. Horizontal shift used affects vertical shift available and vice versa.

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