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We just installed a DLA-RS6710, but I'm reading online that even though it accepts 4k input, and outputs in 4k, in between it actually downsamples to 1080p, then puts it through the e-shift process. Is that what happens?

The 4K e-shift process is so unique that some misconceptions are inevitable. The DLA-RS6710 (and RS-DLA67, DLA-RS57, DLA-RS4910, DLA-RS49) projector does not simply down-sample 4K video to 1080p video. The 4K e-shift process is a lot more sophisticated than that.

Here’s a basic description of how 4K e-shift works: The projector uses complex and advanced processing to internally deconstruct each 4K video frame into two unique 1080p sub-frames that represent the original 4K frame. It is important to remember that these two sub-frames are unique to each other as a way to preserve the high resolution elements of the original 4K frame.

Next, the 4K frame is reconstructed on the screen by making two things occur in synchronization. First, the two sub-frames are alternately projected by the D-ILA devices at 120Hz, and in coordination, one of the sub-frames is optically shifted diagonally by ½ pixel (relative to the other sub-frame) by the e-shift device. In this manner, the original 4K video is represented on the screen with 4K precision.

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