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I have a DLA-RS4910 and want to turn off the 4K e-shift function so that I can fine tune the lens focus while looking at larger 2K pixels. How do I turn off the e-shift mode when adjusting the lens focus?

Projector models DLA-RS49, DLA-RS4910, DLA-RS57, DLA-RS67, and DLA-RS6710 automatically turn the 4K e-shift mode ON by default when activating the lens adjustments.  Even though there is no way to view the green focus grid in 2K mode, it is possible to focus the lens while viewing the input video in 2K mode under the following three conditions. 1) Turn OFF Image Pattern, 2) Turn OFF 4K e-shift, and 3) make sure your video source is not 4K.  In this configuration you'll be able to focus the lens while viewing the input video at 2K resolution. Tip: It is easier to analyze sharp pixel focus if the playback video is paused.  Static pixels are easier to focus than pixels in constant motion.

Last update: 2014-01-23 08:46
Author: Ken Bylsma
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