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I have a projector and am using an IR 3D emitter and IR 3D glasses. The room is fairly large. It's about 30" deep and 22" wide with seating for 8-10 people in 2 rows (with a riser for back row). Do I need more than one IR emitter for all the active glasses?

The typical output coverage angle of the PKEM1 emitter is 20 degrees vertical and 30 degrees horizontal. The typical throw range is 10 meters. When the PKEM1 is aimed at the screen, the screen type and surface will have some effect on the performance. There is a 3 meter cable on the PKEM1 to enable remote mounting of the emitter. This will enable the emitter to be mounted so the emitter is facing the audience thus increasing the effective range.

Please apply the above specifications to your specific design.

Last update: 2014-01-22 15:19
Author: Gary Klasmeier
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