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We are working on a home theater project that includes a DLA-RS60U3D projector. We are using a port hole instead of a ceiling mount. Would angled glass of the port conflict with any of the projector's features or should we not have glass?

If a port glass is used in front of the projector, angle the glass so the reflected image is above or below the lens.  This will help to minimize any cross reflections or ghost images.  If glass is used in the port we suggest that only water white port glass be used to minimize the amount of light loss through the glass and image coloration of the projected image. This specific type of port glass goes through a critical manufacturing process to minimizes distortion of the image.

Also keep in mind that the exhaust of the projector exits out of the front of the projector so it is important to follow the installation guidelines in the operator's manual to allow enough room from the wall to the front of the projector for proper ventilation.

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