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What are the Color Management controls in the menu used for?

Color Management is also known as CMS (Color Management System) and is a feature set that should only be used by a certified video calibrator who is specially trained in video calibration theory and has the proper color measurement devices. Professional video calibrators know how to use these controls to get the most accurate image quality possible. It’s best that you not attempt any adjustments in the Color Management menu unless you really know what you’re doing. For anyone who doesn’t know how to professionally calibrate - but want to get the best performance out of your projector - we recommend that you use THX Picture Mode for THX certified projectors.   For all other models we recommend that you use “Natural” Picture Mode, “Standard” Color Profile, “6500K” Color Temp, and “Normal” Gamma for best overall performance. If you would like to find a professional video calibrator in your area, or want to learn how to do professional video calibrations yourself, we recommend that you visit the websites of either THX (http://www.thx.com/professional) or Imaging Science Foundation (http://www.imagingscience.com).

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Author: Ken Bylsma
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