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I am the video director at a church which currently uses three GY-DV550s and one GY-DV500 in a multi-camera setup. The church is now considering an upgrade to HD equipment. Ideally, we would like to be able to use as many of our existing accessories as possible -- 26-pin cables, RM-P210 CCUs, Fujinon kit lenses, etc. What would be an ideal replacement for our existing system that would minimize the need to purchase new accessories?

Without knowing the exact details of your equipment installation, it is hard to give specific and complete answers.  It is best to talk with a JVC representative before making a large conversion such as this.  However, here are some general tips regarding moving your facility to a JVC  HD system.

The GY-HM790 (w/KA-790G multicore module) is our recommended upgrade to the GY-DV550.  You will be able to use your existing 26pin cables with some limitations: 

  • If you continue to use the RM-P210, you would need to run a separate BNC cable for HDSDI.  Remote camera functions, genlock and intercom would still be available.  The amount of power available at the camera head may limit the accessories used.  While component HD is provided through the cable, it is not available at the CCU, so the only choice for HD would be to run the external BNC cable.  This is the least expensive route.  
  • If you replace the RM-P210s with RM-HP250AUs, you would have HDSDI and component HD output at the CCU without running an additional cables.  This would be our first choice.  You'll have all of the remote control functions and plenty of power for accessories (studio viewfinders, etc.)
  • If you replace the RM-P210s with the RM-HP790DU, you would have basically the same functionality as above, but with the requirement that you run a separate BNC for HDSDI.  Component HD would still be available without running the separate cable.  JVC now offers multicore cables with this added BNC functionality built-in.  

Your Fujinon 1/2-inch lenses will work on the GY-HM790 if you use the ACM-12 converter.  When using a 1/2-inch lens on a 1/3-inch camera the image becomes more telephoto.  At $935 list price, we would not recommend this adapter unless you actually need the telephoto characteristic AND if your current lens is very high quality.  (Many SD lenses, especially the standard entry-level models, may not provide satisfactory HD performance, even with the adapter.)  Ideally, your dealer could arrange a demo of the ACM-12 to determine if it is right for your application.

Since the GY-HM790 uses a digital viewfinder, you would not be able to use studio viewfinders from the GY-DV550.   Our earlier HD studio camera, the GY-HD250 was able to accept the studio viewfinders used with the GY-DV550, though the screen images were SD only.  Many facilities used the GY-HD250 as the HD upgrade from the DV550 for this reason.  Some of these cameras may be available on the used market.  

You will still need to upgrade your switcher, monitors and recording device to HD to complete your system.  JVC offers a variety of HD components in each category. Again, please contact your JVC representative for complete information.  

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