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Does the GY-HM700 always record in 16x9? Does the camera ever record or output in standard (NON-Letterbox, i.e. Full-screen) 4x3?

The CCDs in the GY-HM700 are HD with a native aspect ratio of 16:9 and the camera only records in HD.  There are viewfinder markers that allow you to see where the 4:3 cropping will occur when the signal is viewed on a standard definition monitor.  

Although your recordings are in HD, you can playback and view live signals with an analog composite standard definition signal through the AV output jack.  The "AV Output" menu gives you the option of setting the format of the downconverted images when viewing on a 4:3 screen. (This setting also applies to the SD-SDI and DV outputs.) You can display the image with:  

Side Cut (left and right sides cut off)
Letter box (Wide image with top and bottom blackened)
Squeeze (Image is compressed horizontally)

Last update: 2010-12-09 18:52
Author: Dave Walton
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