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Could you please tell me the exact GOP (Group of Pictures, IBP) structure for the HM-700's video files? I've read several reviews that listed 12, 15, and 10 frames, but I've also been told that the structure is 6 frames. from what I understand fewer frames is better.

The size of the GOP depends on the recording mode selected.  For instance, the GOP in the 720p/30 mode is 6, and the GOP in the 1080i mode is 12.  Longer GOP sizes are not necessarily related to the image quality.  Many factors affect picture quality including bit rate, spatial reduction and sub-sampling.  A great deal of efficiency is gained when a group of pictures is evaluated.  The end result is that a long-GOP system provides net improvement over systems that compress single frames repeatedly at a given bit rate.  

Last update: 2010-02-04 12:05
Author: Dave Walton
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