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When I insert my SDHC card, I receive the message "CANNOT USE IN VIDEO MODE." What is wrong?

The GY-HM100/700 cameras require SDHC Class 6 memory cards to record video.   Any other SD or SDHC (Class 2 or Class 4) generate a message such as above.  The GY-HM100 can  use SD cards to record in the STILL picture mode only, while the GY-HM700 will reject non-Class 6 cards outright.  

Unfortunately, in the marketplace there may be some "fake" class 6 cards (Class 4 cards labeled as "Class 6".)   True Class 6 cards will contain the correct low level identifier, and the camera will properly detect them.  Otherwise, the camera will reject the cards, regardless of what the printed label says. 

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Last update: 2009-06-08 13:52
Author: Dave Walton
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