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My SDHC card doesn't work in some devices. Sometimes it doesn't work at all.

SD or SDHC memory card file systems formatted with generic operating system formatting software do not comply with official SD memory card requirements and optimum performance may not be experienced.   Problems can manifest themselves in different ways:  The card may work in the camera, but not in the editing system.  It may work on your computer, but not in the camera.  The card may show an incorrect amount of available free space.  Or, the card may not work at all. 

JVC recommends that prior to using an SDHC card, format it using the built-in formatter in the camera, or using SD Association-approved software.   A free formatter for Windows-based PCs can be downloaded at:

Please be aware that formatting the card will erase any data that is previously recorded on the card.  And don't forget to use either Class 6 SDHC cards, or Class 10 cards (provided you're using the most recent firmware in the camera.)

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Last update: 2010-01-27 08:39
Author: Dave Walton
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