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From an HM100 I have via USB imported files into FCP but when I go to disconnect the camera the files go off-line.

When the camera is connected to your computer with the USB cable, the editing system sees the memory cards as drives, the same as if the cards were plugged directly into the computer. Disconnecting or powering down the camera has the same effect as removing the memory cards.

Since both the GY-HM100 and GY-HM700 record files in the Quicktime .mov format, Final Cut Pro does not actually transfer the video and audio data to your hard drive when you "IMPORT" the files.  This is one of the powerful features of the GY-HM series because it allows your clips to appear instantly when you drag them into your bin.  You can scrub and trim them, but the data still resides on the memory card. 

If you wish to copy or move the actual data from the memory card to your hard disk, select "Media Manager" in the FCP file menu.  This is a very useful tool that copies all the clips in the bin, or just the trimmed portions of the clips to a specified location.  Copying only the trimmed portion again saves lots of time, and does not reduce the quality of the recording. 

This capability is unique to the JVC GY-HM series and Final Cut Pro.  Files from other cameras must be copied using "log and transfer" method, forcing you to copy the entire files before you can scrub and edit them.  

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Last update: 2009-08-07 10:12
Author: Dave Walton
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