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The JVC website lists BN-VF823USP as battery for camera, but camera shipped with BN-VF823U. Is there a difference? What is the longest run battery for this camera?

The BN-VF823USP, BN-VF823U are the same 7.2V (2190mAh) Lithium-Ion Data Battery provided with the GY-HM100. The model suffix differs depending on the JVC sales group handling the product. The same battery is also sold by JVC Service under the sub-model number "LY35458-002C." The external charger AA-VF8USP is also sold with various suffix designations.

This 2190mAh battery will power the camera for up to 2 hours depending on accessories, operating mode, amount of zooming, temperature, age of battery, etc.  Presently, this is the largest capacity battery that JVC offers for the GY-HM100.

Last update: 2009-07-30 07:26
Author: Dave Walton
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