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Are all SDHC Class 6 cards of equal quality?

While the recorded picture quality will not vary from one card manufacturer to another, there are significant differences in the speed, reliability and consistency from one card manufacturer to another.  

JVC's ProHD cameras will provide outstanding performance on a wide range of SDHC cards, including inexpensive brands in most cases.  We have tested various cards and are currently recommending San Disk, Panasonic and Toshiba as offering good reliability and consistency. 

If you have experience with other brands, please feel free to comment. 

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Last update: 2010-09-15 05:51
Author: Dave Walton
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Comment of KC (2009-06-19 14:39:34):
I am having problems with adata 32 gb cards right now. they are not seen by my imac and the are causing card errors on the cam.

Comment of Kevin Fraser (2009-06-24 14:07:34):
At least one JVC demo from NAB2009 ( ) that I saw on the web recommended "Transcend" brand class 6 SDHC media, which is not listed in the manual. So far I've only tried Panasonic in my GY-HM100U.

Comment of Randy Noland (2009-08-05 03:32:49):
I ordered the suggested 32gb San Disk SDHC cards (only ones avail in the memory size from San Disk) as per this FAQ and they are incompatible. I am having to return and find another brand of Class 6. Perhaps you should specify the size you tested and approved as the only 32gb SDHC San Disk does NOT work. Thank you and hope this helps

Comment of Alexey Tchij (2009-10-23 23:12:56):
Fuji 4 gb (class 6) works just fine but it's only 13 minutes in HD.

Comment of Don Smith (2009-11-26 04:52:24):
I've been using 8 and 16GB Transcend cards ordered from without a single problem first with my Sony EX3 (using an adaptor) and now with my HM700. The cards, in this case, come with a USB reader. Nice to have a simple reader to hand out so that the client can plug the card into any computer.

Comment of Corey (2010-03-29 07:14:51):
I've been using Transcend 16GB Class 6 cards and have had two fail on me in the last 3 months. Losing my content that was recorded. It was working fine, then I turned it on again to record a few minutes later and saw an hour glass thing, I let it try to load for a good 20 minutes and nothing happend so I restarted the camera to find the same results. Cards would not load afterwards using card readers. So I lost what I recorded. I do not recommend Transcend

Comment of Philip Goetz (2010-05-03 11:26:03):
I recommend 16GB cards. It's 90 minutes of record time. 16GB consumer class 6 cards (Patriot, Transcend, PNY, whatever) sell for $45. 32GB cards sell for $100 - $130. If you notice, that's not twice as much in terms as cost. It's 3 times as much. If you lose a 32GB card or if you forget to format and have a read write error and lose all your data, 32GB is much worse to lose than 16GB. It's a matter of spreading out your risk. 16GB class 10 cards from Panasonic cost $80 - $90 (RP-SDW16GU1K). These are the best. San Disk is in between but aren't ranked in terms of "class" so you need to know the equivalencies.

Comment of Russell (2010-05-08 08:26:25):
I have just bought 2 'integral ultima pro' 32gb cards, placed them in the slots, only to see on the screen '0h 00m' flashing on the screen in red with the msg. 'insufficient space'. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had a problem with these cards.

Comment of Robert (2010-05-11 05:49:53):
Hello! Anybody have used and can confirm what kind of 32Gb-Class6 REALLY work on the HM100? Thanks by advance!

Comment of Seth S (2010-05-13 16:10:47):
I JUST GOT 2 SANDISK 32GB cards and I get the "media full" error. Ive tried formatting, but it doesn't change anything. The cards are class 10, which I suspect may be the problem, but the camera manual DOES say it works with "class 6 and above."

Comment of G1media (2010-05-22 07:06:51):
I've been getting the insuficient space message too. I'm using a class 10 SanDisk 16GB card. It stores the photos but after 3 days of having the machine still no video shots.

Comment of Aki (2010-05-25 02:55:36):
Verbatim Pro Series HD Video SDHC cards also don't work with the HM100. It records fine for a minute or so and then it gives a recording error and the recorded clip is lost, and possibly the whole card is corrupted and needs to be reformatted.