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I have a camera labeled "digital camera". Somebody told me this camera is analog. Is this true?

Most probably YES!

Most CCTV camera on the market today are labeled “digital camera” This is not a misprint or false advertisement. Technically speaking, it is correct. Inside most of modern CCTV cameras, the signal coming from the pickup element, mainly a CCD or CMOS device, is processed by a "DSP" -short for Digital Signal Processor-. The DSP qualifies the camera as "digital". Is the output from such a camera digital? No! by all means. What really qualifies a camera as digital or analog is the output signal. If this camera is connected to a regular TV monitor and you can see the image on the screen, then this is an analog camera!

An analog camera will always output an analog signal, conforming to one of the TV standards, NTSC or PAL. The signal can be view on a regular TV monitor

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Author: Adrian Parvulescu
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