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VRN 900 Device driver update. In article #1042 you refer to installing the device drivers from Milestone. I am familair with the procedure on server based Milestone installations but cannot find any reference to this procedure in the VRN900 handbook. Is there a separate instruction for updates that bypsses the usual user interface?

The XProtect Enterprise Device Pack is downloaded from the Milestone Web site(www.milestonesys.com) and stored in the root folder of a USB thumb drive.

You will need a Mouse to install the Device pack, but you will not need a keyboard

Put the thumb drive into any free USB port of the VR-N900/1600. Get to the (blue screen) Main Menu (FUNCTION + REC CONTROL buttons). When in the Main Menu, get to the Service Menu (FUNCTION + SEARCH + SELECT buttons) and select 'Software Update'. Select 'DeviceInstaller' and click 'Install'.

Click 'OK' when asked to proceed. Use the mouse to drag the "Installation in progress" message out of the way as it is blocking the language selection screen. Select language and continue following instructions on the screen.

When you click 'YES' to reboot the VR-N, and then click 'Finish'. Wait for HDD activity to stop (see HDD LED) and cycle power from the rear panel power switch

The whole process should take less than 5 minutes.

Last update: 2010-02-04 12:58
Author: Sam Agin
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