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I connect VRN-900U v 2.0 to a Milestone System running XProtectEnterprise v 6.0d. Connecting to the Master, I can see all the slaves and the master on the network. I can only view images from the Master and the first Slave. What is wrong?

As long as you can see all the Slaves and the Master, nothing is wrong! You just have to reset the GUID on the VR-N900U v2.0. Please download the ImageServerGUIDReset.zip file. Unzipped to an USB flash.Move the USB flash to VR-N900U USB port. Start Windows Explorer and run ImageServerGUIDReset.exe from the USB flash. You will receive no indication the file was run correctly. Close Explorer and the update is done.

Now, you can see images from this Slave when you log into XProtect Enterprise Master

Last update: 2007-06-13 07:25
Author: Adrian Parvulescu
Revision: 1.1

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