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When running the JVC IP dome camera model VN-C655U at 4CIF 30FPS, what bandwidth in Mbps is used?

Running VN-C655U at 4CIF (VGA) resolution and 30 FPS and assuming medium compression (around 30KB/frame) the calculated bandwidth requirement is 7.2Mbps (Mega bits per second).

The formula when using JPEG compression is quite simple:

 Bandwidth (Mega bits per second (Mbps))=

=frame size (KiloBytes (KB)) x 8 (bits/Byte) x FPS / 1000
in this case 30*8*30/1000=7.2Mbps

Last update: 2009-02-02 12:43
Author: Adrian Parvulescu
Revision: 1.1

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