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What is the Screen Adjust setting in the Adjustment Menu used for?

This feature provides an automatic preset color correction to compensate for the coloration effects of various screen fabrics. Some screen fabrics reflect all colors in the spectrum nearly equally, resulting in a reference white surface. However, some screen fabrics slightly alter the projected light from the projector, and the Screen Adjust feature is a way to compensate for any natural alteration from a screen surface. A list of available Screen Adjust modes is available at: http://www3.jvckenwood.com/english/projector/screen/

Note: On some new models, the Screen Adjust setting cannot boe used unless the Environment Setting is turned ON.† If you want to use the Screen Adjust Feature but don't want the effects of the Environment Settings, set the following parameters in the Environment Setting Menu:

Screen Size: 100 inch

Viewing Distance: 4M

Wall Color: Dark

The settings above are the same as turning OFF the Environment setting.

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