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What projector settings are best for viewing 3D video?

For projector models that have the THX feature we recommend using “THX” Picture Mode. As an added bonus, when the projector detects a 3D input and switches to 3D operation, the THX mode will automatically apply a preset color correction to compensate for the tint of the 3D glasses and will also force the lamp “High” power setting to compensate for the typical reduction of brightness that occurs with virtually all 3D display systems. Both the 3D color correction and lamp power functions are automatic in THX mode when switching between 2D and 3D sources. If you have a model that is not THX certified we recommend using “Natural” Picture Mode, “Standard” Color Profile, “6500K” Color Temp, and “Normal” Gamma for both 2D and 3D operation for the best picture quality.

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