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How are the JVC 3D glasses powered?

It depends on the model of 3D glasses that you have. There are three versions of JVC 3D glasses.  The newer RF type JVC 3D glasses, model PKA2BP, and the PKAG3P are rechargeable and have a power switch near the right side hinge.  The original IR type 3D glasses, model PKAG1BP, are powered by a button style battery (type 2032).  These glasses do not have a power switch, but they automatically turn on when they detect an IR signal from the 3D emitter.  The glasses will automatically turn off if they no longer receive an IR signal from the 3D emitter.  The 3D emitter only operates when the projector is projecting in 3D, therefore, the glasses will turn on and off automatically whenever the projector switches between 3D and 2D operation, thus conserving battery life.

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