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Where should the 3D emitter be installed?

The 3D IR emitter (PKEM1) was the first generation 3D emitter and it used IR (infrared) as a link to the glasses.  New projector models use an RF emitter (PKEM2P), which is mounted to the back of the projector.  For the IR emitter, the maximum operational range between the emitter and the glasses is 30 feet.  If the emitter is mounted near the projector (for reflecting off the screen), you must factor in the distance from the emitter to the screen AND the distance from the screen to the glasses.  If your installation results in a total distance of more than 30 feet we recommend that you install the emitter near the screen and point is towards the viewers.  JVC does not sell an extension cable for this purpose so it will be up to the installer to make and install a longer cable.

The 3D emitter is connected via the 3-pin mini-DIN connector on the back of the projector.  Many installers have had success extending the length of the factory cable by splicing a longer section of cable to the existing cable.   The 3D emitter connector pin-out is as follows:

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